The sale of the company is a long process, which includes e.g. analysis of the company and industry, valuations, and mapping of buyers before the start of negotiations. Negotiations progress through the pre-agreement, due diligence, and settlement of financing solutions, to the trade agreement.

We offer expert assistance in the preparation of your company’s sales and at all stages of the sales process.

Buying a business offers a viable way to expand your business or become an entrepreneur,.

We serve owners professionally throughout the purchase process, starting from strategy planning and mapping of purchase targets. We also assist directly in the purchase of designated items, planning for takeover, and arranging financing.

A management buyout (MBO) is an acquisition in which the operating management buys the company. The operating management often knows the company best, which decreases the risks associated with financing the business and continuing the operation.

The MBO transaction progresses in the same way as other acquisitions, but the success of the MBO is heavily dependent on the preparation of the target company, the business plan, mutual agreements, the shareholder agreement, and the buyer’s financing.

We assist the operating management through the MBO process and act as an intermediary in negotiations between management and owners when necessary.

Almost without exception, external financing is needed in mergers and acquisitions. We provide assistance in financing planning, preparation of documentation related to financing, mapping of collateral, investor and financier contacts, and negotiation of financing and covenant agreements.

The value of a company is typically determined in connection with an acquisition, share issue or redemption of a minority interest. A variety of methods are used to determine the value, such as indicator-based multiplier methods, cash flow-based present value methods or reference prices. In SMEs, value is often determined by key figures and multipliers based on them.

We provide companies with valuation methods that are best suited to the company based on the financial information available and the predictability of the business.

Generational transfer becomes topical sooner or later in all family businesses. We carry out company generational transfers on a regular basis, and we know how to take the most important factors into account when planning and implementing a generational transfer.

We assist in the planning of generational transfer, the selection of methods related to changes in ownership, the planning of possible financing, negotiations and, for example, the utilization of tax reliefs.

A turnaround company is a company whose operating results are again turned into a profitable and growing path through effective actions. Such actions may include, for example, the incorporation of parts of a company, the sale or outsourcing of businesses, voluntary restructuring and, in some cases, even the acquisition of another company.

We assist the company in creating a reorganization plan and implementing selected reorganization measures.

Sometimes there is a situation where there is no clear plan for the development of the company’s business, or the plan and its implementation are not aligned. In this case, it is good to go through the company’s operations and strategy with the owners and management, from strategy and operation to management and responsibilities. Knowledge of best business practices and constructive criticism from an experienced professional will help to get the business back on track.

We offer professional, experienced and, above all, confidential consulting to develop the company’s business and profitability.


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