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Pertti Aaltonen

Pertti Aaltonen

Kari Juurakko

Kari Juurakko

Senior Advisor, Chairman

+358 50 582 7411

[email protected]

Matti Mattila

Matti Mattila

Santeri Ukkonen

Santeri Ukkonen

Expertise for every need

If necessary, we assemble a team of our own external expert partners for each project, in addition to our own staff. We have dozens of experts in various fields at our disposal, whose expertise we utilize, taking into account the scope of our client’s assignment.

Billing address

MBO Partners Oy, Business ID: 3168165-4

E-invoice address / EDI ID: 003731681654

E-invoicing operator: Apix Messaging Oy, operator ID: 003723327487

Please note that if you have one of the following operators for e-invoicing to send: Danske Bank Plc, Handelsbanken, Local Osuuspankki or Säästöpankki, you should use the following address as our Apix e-invoice address:
E-invoice address: 003723327487 and operator ID: DABAFIHH.

If you are unable to send e-invoices, please send paper invoices to the purchase invoice scanning service at:

MBO Partners Oy (Apix skannauspalvelu)

PL 16112


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